Flower seasons of Noto。




Flower seasons of Noto

Noto is blessed with beautiful flowers all year round, apart from the snowy winter time.


Noto Byodoji Yanagida Temple  (also known as Hydrangea Temple)

Terabun 2-116, Hosu-gun, Noto-cho, Ishikawa


The temple is open daily.

The best season to view the 130 varieties of 4000 bushes of hydrangea flowers is from late June to late July.

Mornings and evenings are the most beautiful time of the day to see the flowers. 

Every evening from 6:30pm the hydrangeas are illuminated by candlelight.

A 30 minute car ride towards Yanagida, from Kunogi Interchange on the Noto Toll Way via Suzu Road

From Noto Airport, a 15 minute ride by taxi.



Flowering Seasons


Late March                                     Peach Blossom

Mid April                                       Cherry Blossom

Mid April to early May                 Camellia 

Mid April to late May                   Ryuukinbai 

Late April to early May                Golden Bell

Late April to late May                  Sanshouyu 

Late May                                       Rhododendron 

Late May to early June                 Dogwood 

Mid May to late June                    Benthamidia japonica

Mid June to mid July                    Hydrangea 

Late June to early October           Deciduous Camellia 

Late June to early October           Tea of Heaven hydrangea

Late August to early October      Crepe Myrtle 



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