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    Booking Fee Info   Non-staying guests: Lunches and dinners should be booked in advance with minimum one day’s notice for small groups up to 6. For large groups, Chef can prepare meals for up to 20 guests. Call...

Booking & Access

2018.05.09 up

        Yuzu is a Japense citrus fruit. The flavour is tart, closely resembling that of the grapefruit, with overtones of mandarin orange, although it is rarely eaten as a fruit.  Its  aromatic  rind is used in Noto cuisine...

Traditional Ingredients

2012.03.01 up

 The Washington Post  A guesthouse that offers Italian cooking, Japanese-style By Edward Schneider, Published: January 11 2013  Located near a fishing village on the Sea of Japan, Flatt’s is a guesthouse and restaurant operated by an Australian chef and his local-born wife....

Media Coverage

2013.03.07 up

     Bakery & Cafe Notopain   Notopain Bakery and Cafe located on Road 249 by the sea, just a short drive away. The Bakery has a large range of freshly baked bread products.  The Cafe adjacent to the bakery has...

Flatts holiday apartment

2013.02.27 up

    Flower seasons of Noto Noto is blessed with beautiful flowers all year round, apart from the snowy winter time.   Noto Byodoji Yanagida Temple  (also known as Hydrangea Temple) Terabun 2-116, Hosu-gun, Noto-cho, Ishikawa                                                                                       The temple is...


2012.06.23 up

    Semi Dried Fish We Semi dried flounder and other types of fish caught from the Toyama Bay and sever for our Staying guest for Breakfast. These Flounder were dried while it was still snowing.    ...

Sea of Noto

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27-26-3 Yanami,Noto-Chou,Housu-Gun,Ishikawa,927-0443 Inn:0768-62-1900 (Closed on Wed)